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me? ... a wellness coach?

Yes... I am a wellness coach! It wasn't in my plans- I would have never imagined it...

Before my life-altering year at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I identified myself as a mom, a wife, an event producer, a marketing whiz, a foodie, a chef, a scrap-booker, a gymnastic mom, a spa-lover... and now, well... a wellness coach!

My journey to wellness has been a long one-- that is still continuing. I learn so much everyday and have learned so much from my school and my clients... that I feel the need to share that knowledge with anyone and everyone who is open to listening! I am also excited to work with the elementary schools to start educating our kids about wellness right from the start!

A wellness coach? Maybe it wasn't in my original life plans... but in the funny way the universe works... it happens to be the best landing spot for me!

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